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#Who are we?

Maasai High School was established in 1974 as a co-educational institute. In 1994 the girls and boys were separated to form Maasai Girls’ High School and Maasai Boys’ High School. The primary school was also established in 1994 and was temporarily faced out by 2008 to create room for Maasai Teachers’ College.


To offer high quality affordable education as we lay emphasis on high standards of discipline, morality, Integrity and Hard work among our learners.

A leadership team with vision

The school is managed by a competent Director with over 40 years experience in school management. He is assisted by Principals and Headteachers who oversee the day to day running of the schools.


Comprises lower & upper Primary. Boarding facilities are also available on for upper Primary students.

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#High School

Comprises both Boys & Girls. Both have their own

learning & boarding facilities and do not mix.

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